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Gougane Barra Church – Revisited

29 Aug 2011, Posted by Jeff Mauritzen in Ireland, Photo Blog

Image of Gougane Barra Church, located in the western portion of County Cork, Ireland.

The church at Gougane Barra, St. Finbarr’s Oratory, is a small beautiful church located in the western edge of County Cork, Ireland.  In addition to being a stunning setting for a church, it’s also nearby to the Gougane Barra National Forest, a fairytale esque forest well worth the 5 Euro price of admission -(please see tomorrow’s post for photos of Gougane Barra National Forest).

Image of Gougane Barra Church.

It’s been 6 years since I’d last photographed Gougane Barra church, and I was hoping to see it through fresh eyes.  I’ve found that returning to a favorite location during a different season, time of day or a change in weather, can really add a whole new feel to your photos.


Other ways to get new mileage out of a location, are to try out different focal lengths, change your exposure settings or try out a lens filter such as a polarizer or graduated neutral density filter.

Landscape image of Gougane Barra Church, located in the western portion of County Cork, Ireland.

Are the new photos going to be better than the old ones?  Who can say.  It’s all really a matter of opinion.  As long as you enjoyed it, perhaps learned something, and ultimately got some new images out of the experience, than it was well worth the trip!

Landscape image of Gougane Barra Church.

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